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More about Elesgo's Sound Reducing technology and Silent-System.
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Environmental protecion, Quality control and PEFC Certification of the Manufacturer.
Production, Reseach and Development by HDM.
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HDM Production and Laboratory.


Whether ELESGO® laminate flooring, walls and ceiling cladding (panels), coated moulding (UMA®-), glue laminated timber, plastic-coated shelves and flat-packed furniture or even ELESGO® furniture fronts, we use the newest technical standards and at the highest environmental level.


Research and development

HDM's philosophy is based on searching for new paths and products and not resting on our laurels. The close cooperation with pre-suppliers, intensive test, laboratory examinations and experiments guarantee that they deliver products which ensure a leading position in technology and quality. The best example of this is the ELESGO® technology.